08th February 2017
Takamovsky & Luma.Launisch @ rhiz, Wien (A)

22nd December 2016
Takamovsky & Luma.Launisch @ Fluc, Wien (A) 21:30

22nd November 2016
Takamovsky & Luma.Launisch @ Brick-5 (Mosaïque), Wien (A) 19:30



17th September 2016
Vegetable Orchestra @ Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn (DE)

12th + 13th September 2016
Vegetable Orchestra @ Theater am Spittelberg, Wien (A)

28th May 2016
Vegetable Orchestra @ Audiatur, Moss (NO)

20th May 2016
Vegetable Orchestra @ KiMM, Meran (IT)

14th May 2016
Vegetable Orchestra @ Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw (PL)

13th December 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Lissabon (PT)

1st December 2015
Alte Schmiede, Wien (AT). 19:00 Uhr

29th November 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ fmRiese – Forward Music Festival, Wattens (AT)

22nd + 23rd November 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Morelia, Morelia (MX)

5th – 11th November 2015
Takamovsky & Luma.Launisch @ Wunderkammer2015. Unseen Science / See Aural Woods – audiovisual installation  at Vienna University of Technology, Vienna (AT)

4th – 6th November 2015
Juergen Berlakovich @ Escuela De Escritores, Madrid (ESP)

27th October 2015
Juergen Berlakovich @ AIL – Angewandte Innovation Lab. Performance and Talk. Mit Florian Tanzer, Eva Fischer und Thomas Geburek. Moderation: Anna Masoner. Wien (AT)

10th October 2015
Dolomite Dub by Ulrich Troyer @ Musikprotokoll, Helmut List Halle, Graz (AT)

19th September 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Pavia (I)

7th August 2015
Takamovsky & Luma.Launisch @ More Ohr Less, Lunz am See (AT)

23rd July 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Popfest, Vienna (A)

25th June 2015
Takamovsky & Luma.Launisch @ EXPO, Milano, IT

20th + 21st June 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Potsdam (DE)

10th June
Vegetable Orchestra @ Villa Pojana, Poiana Maggiore (I)

17th May 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Théâtre de Bretigny, Brétigny-sur-Orge (FR)

2nd May 2015
Vegetable Orchestra @ Teatro Lecco, Lecco (I)

17th April
Vegetable Orchestra @ Teatro Sociale, Como (I)

16th April 2015
Luma.Launisch & Takamovsky @ MAK Vienna within sound:frame Festival 2015
Commissioned by Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald

12th February – 12th April 2015
Juergen Berlakovich @ Artists and Poets – Dial a Poem. Secession Wien. Infos here: Secession

23rd January 2015
Juergen Berlakovich @ FH JOANNEUM Graz. Lecture on „Acoustic Poetics“.

7th December 2014
Ulrich Troyer & Juergen Berlakovich @ Forum Stadtpark. Krieg ud Kino. Live-Impro Set. Im Rahmen von open music. Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz, 20.00 Uhr.

8th November 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Crolles, Crolles (FR)

6th November 2014
@ ORF-Ö1. Zeit-Ton Portrait: Jürgen Berlakovich. Gestaltung: Astrid Schwarz. 23:03 Uhr

6th November 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Foro De La Cultura, Burgos (ESP)

21st October – 25th October 2014
Juergen Berlakovich @ University of Jyväskylä and College of Arts, Orivesi (FIN)
Acoustic Poetics: Lecture and Workshop. Organized by EACWP in cooperation with sfd – schule für dichtung

22nd June 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Jardins Fruitiers de Laquenexy, Metz (FR)

19th June 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Viertelfestival \“Naturmaschine\“, Drosendorf (AT)

8th June 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Marne et Chantereine en fête 2014, Vareine sur Seine (FR)

10th May 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Rovereto Fiorita, Rovereto (IT)

30th April 2014
Juergen Berlakovich @ Leporello, ORF-Ö1

23rd April 2014
Juergen Berlakovich @ Literaturhaus Wien mit INSTRUMENTUM VOCALE

9th April 2014
Takamovsky @ rhiz, Vienna (AT)

6th April 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Le Printemps des Arts, Monaco (FR)

6th April 2014
Juergen Berlakovich @ Im Sumpf, ORF-FM4, mit Auszügen aus INSTRUMENTUM VOCALE

20th March 2014
Takamovsky @ mo.ë, Vienna (AT) (postponed; more infos soon)

21st January 2014
Viktor Krylov. Fakten und Vermutungen rund um ein verschollenes Genie.
Von Peter Brandlmayr und Juergen Berlakovich.
ORF-Ö1-Hörspiel-Studio. 21:00

19th January 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Le Florida, Agen (FRA)

18th January 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Auditorium Jean Moulin, Le Thor (FRA)

16th January 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen (NL)

15th January 2014
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Décalages, Haguenau (FRA)

6th & 7th December 2013
Sound-Workshop @ Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna (AT)

1st December 2013
Takamovsky @ Elektro Gönner, Vienna (AT)

2nd November 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @  Volkstheater, in the framework of TEDx Unlimited, Vienna (AT)

23rd October 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Theater Akzent, Vienna (AT)

22nd September 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Théâtre Châtelet, Paris (FRA)

11th September 2013
Takamovsky @ rhiz, Vienna (AT)

23rd August 2013
Takamovsky @ Central Garden, Vienna (AT)

26th July 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Radialsystem, Berlin (DE)

8th June 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Institut für Botanik, Innsbruck (AT)

7th June 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival der Regionen, Eferding (AT)

19th May 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Seasons Festival, Moskau (RUS)

13th May 2013
Vegetable Orchestra @ Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid (ESP)

6th February 2013
@Alte Schmiede, Wien (AT). 19:00

25th January 2013
@Plösslgasse 11, 1040 Wien (AT). Soundperformance within the opening of the exhibition of Richard Repey and Tina Hochkogler.

23rd December 2012
Literatur als Radiokunst
Kunstradio, ORF-OE1, 23:00
Ein Sprachsoundscape.
Plus first excerpts of  Takamovsky’s album IN STREAMS. The album will be released early 2013.

23rd November 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Le Point d eau, Ostwald (FRA)

20th  November 2012
Sergej Mohntau @ moë, Wien (AT)

16th November 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Le MAIL, Soissons (FRA)

1st November 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ International House of Music, Moscow (RUS)

30th October 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ The Philharmonic Society, Perm (RUS)

29th October 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ The Philharmonic Society, Tumen (RUS)

27th October 2012
@ hoergerede, Graz (AT). Text & Sound Performance together with Christine Schörkhuber and Veronika Mayer

6th October 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Faithful Interpretation Festival,Osnabrück (DE)

5th October 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Faithful Interpretation Festival, Berlin (DE)

9th September 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Beethovenfest, Bonn (DE)

1st September 2012
Sergej Mohntau @ TIB Graz (AT)

28th July 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Waldstock Festival, Zug (CH)

15th July 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival de la cité, Lausanne (CH)

9th June 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Ecofest, Istanbul (TUR)

14th May 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Bochum (DE)

28th January 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Arsenal, Metz (FRA)

1st January 2012
Vegetable Orchestra @ Yuen Long Theatre, Hong Kong

31st December 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Tai Po Civic Centre/Auditorium, Hong Kong

30th December 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre/Theatre, Hong Kong

13th December 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Reims (FRA)

30th November 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ International House of Music, Moscow (RUS)

14th October 2011
@ AMANN STUDIOS, Vienna. Solo-Impro-Set.

26th + 27th September 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Dimitria Festival, Thessaloniki (GRE)

19th September 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Buga, Koblenz (DE)

18th September 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Euroclassic, Zweibrücken (DE)

17th September 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Gent Festival, Gent (BE)

22nd + 23rd August 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Theater Spektakel, Zürich (CH)

6th + 7th. August 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Malbrouck Festival, Manderen (FR)

8th July 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ MIMI festival, Marseille (FR)

5th July 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, Pergine/Trento (I)

16th April
@ WUK,Vienna. (AT)
DIE WUERGHAND. Screening and Live-Soundtrack together with Ulrich Troyer.

15th April
@ WUK,Vienna. (AT)
DIE WUERGHAND. Screening and Live-Soundtrack together with Ulrich Troyer.

12th April 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Equinoxe, Saint Brieuc (FR)

1st April 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna (AT)

10th March 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Holmboe Classical music festival, Horsens (DK)

3rd March 2011
Vegetable Orchestra @ Associazione Scarlatti, Napoli (I)

13th December 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Radiokulturhaus, Vienna (AT)

1st December 2010
@ Tanzquartier Wien. SOUNDSLEEPER. Text- and Soundperformance. 20:30

06th November 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Indianapolis Museum of Art Indianapolis (US)

03rd November 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Proctors Schenectady (US)

23rd October 2010
DIE WÜRGHAND (Silent Movie, Austria, 1920) – Live Soundtrack composed & performed together with Ulrich Troyer for VIENNALE 2010, Metrokino, Vienna (A).

12th October 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ La centrifugeuse Pau (FR)

10th October 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Electroni-k Festival Rennes (FR)

08th October 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Nördik Impakt Cherbourg la breche (FR)

07th October 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ musicampus festival Bordeaux (FR)

06th October 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Jazz pulsation Nancy (FR)

02nd October 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Ile De France Paris (FR)

26th September 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Musica Festival Strasbourg (F)

25th September 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Britten Studio, Snape Aldeburgh (UK)

23rd September 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Malvern theatres Malvern (UK)

11th September 2010
@ Escuela de Escritores. Lecture and workshop on audiopoetry within the framework of the ENCWP symposium in
Madrid (ESP). A cooperation between sfd – schule für dichtung and Escuela de Escriptores.

10th September 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ BESTIVAL Isle of Wight (UK)

04th-05th September 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ BIES! theatre festival Dordrecht (NL)

17th July 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Abbaye de Fontevraud (F)

09th July 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Pohoda Festival (SK)

15th June 2010
Viktor Krylov. Fakten und Vermutungen rund um ein verschollenes Genie.
Von Peter Brandlmayr und Juergen Berlakovich.
ORF-Ö1-Hörspiel-Studio. 21:00

27th May 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Moscow (RUS)

20th May 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Codes Festival Lublin (POL)

30th April 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Notte Bianca Florence (I)

27th March 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Festival Printemps des Arts Monte Carlo (MON)

11th March 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Theater Gütersloh (GER)

20th February 2010
Vegetable Orchestra @ Hors Pistes Centre Pompidou Paris (F)

29th October 2009, 21:00
@ VIENNALE. Live-impro set for the silent movie compilation
KRIEG und KINO II together with Ulrich Troyer at Metro Kino.

25th & 26th September 2009
Vegetable Orchestra @ Musee des Confluences Lyon (F) (cancelled)

19th September 2009, 11:00
@ RUB – Rund um die Burg. Presentation of the sfd – class on audio poetry.

17th September 2009
Vegetable Orchestra @ Palac Akropolis Prague (CZ)

05th September 2009
Takamovsky @ Zentralgarten, Vienna (A), together with Jörg Piringer

Concert archives:
Juergen Berlakovich
Sergej Mohntau
Vegetable Orchestra

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